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Janitorial or Cleaning Services



CAMS Sanitize is a subsidiary of CAMS Construction Group LLC. We are a NY-based property maintenance and construction company. CAMS Sanitize is a sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing company. We service residential and commercial properties, with a focus on creating a safe environment for all of our clients.  


Disinfecting and Deodorization Services

For each service, our technician will complete a full walk-though and verify all areas that are in need of disinfecting.  Once the walk-through is complete, the technician will disinfect the property utilizing fogging or electrostatic spray technology.  Moving from room to room, each technician will fog all walls, ceilings, floors, and surfaces; paying special attention to "high traffic" areas and small crevices.

Our Products

Our environmentally friendly solutions work well within both commercial and residential locations.  Aseptic +Plus is a food-safe disinfectant which sanitizes and deodorizes your home and/or business. Razor Antimicrobial Coating inhibits the growth of microbes on the surface.  The coating service has been used in schools, daycares, gyms, arenas and offices, among others.

As a SanitizeIT operator, we only use EPA and CDC certified products.  Our solution, Aseptic +Plus kills and disinfects:

Viruses (Multiple Strains of Coronavirus, Flu, H1N1, RSV, HIV and Hepatitis)

Bacteria (Salmonella and E-coli)

Mold/Mildew (Stachybotrys and Aspergillus)


...and more


Kristi Ratoon
Office Manager

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