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Elida Creative helps businesses and nonprofits find or reconnect with their “why,” their vision, and purpose. We help businesses align their vision with the people that connect with it in a genuine way, their ideal clients. Tapping into your why and finding your ideal clients, paired with our creative graphic design services help create excitement and loyalty for your brand. Whether you are just starting your business, or have a proven track record, we can help with a fresh, creative approach to your marketing plan. Our branding, print, and digital design services are tailored to meet your specific needs from logo creation, to brand awareness and strategic marketing plans. We also design for events, newsletters, annual reports, posters, outdoor signage or banners, tradeshow popups, rack cards, brochures, direct mail pieces, digital banner ads, social media ads, website design and planning, email design. Call us at 518-554-0880 or visit https://elidacreative.com.


Karen Paul

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