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Griffin Gorge Associates is comprised of retired National Guard senior leaders.  We have a program to train your mid-level leaders on skills and techniques that will make them more efficient.

Our course material is set up to cover a series of "Mission Essential Tasks" (METs) an Operational Level leader needs to be proficient at in order to perform as a superstar.  METs are better defined as a set of individual skills and tasks. The METs we cover are applicable to almost any business from an RV repair shop, a plant floor, a retail business, a bank, a hotel, a fast food chain, or leaders in the medical community.  The METs we cover are a foundation for a mid-level leader to take guidance from the C-Suite and transform that into action.

The biggest take-away in our program is that Griffin Gorge teaches you skills that will make you a rockstar leader.  The material we teach has been developed by some of the brightest minds in our world.  Taught in our premier military schools to include the service academies, the command staff colleges and the senior service schools.  The Army centers for learning to include Fort Leavenworth and the Army War College at Carlisle Barracks have some of the best instructors and writers regarding leadership skills. 

These school taught skills have been refined through intense training exercises around the world and in combat operations.  These skills are not just academic.  They have been tested, refined and honed. 

At Griffin Gorge, we take the military eadership planning skills and adjust them slightly to meet the needs of our civilian businesses and enterprises.   As we conduct these courses, our instructors continue to refine our product based on lessons learned.


Chip Richardson

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