2022 Women of Excellence Awards Nomination Form

To be nominated, a woman should not have received a Women of Excellence Award in the past 10 years. Please note that Chamber membership is NOT required of nominee. Click here to view previous award recipients

Application must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. on Monday, January 24. Nominations must follow guidelines in order to be considered. Please be prepared to submit all information at once, including your nomination essay and two letters of recommendation. Incomplete nominations will not be considered. If you have questions, please contact Debbie Erck, Director, Signature Events, at 518.431.1438 or derck@capitalregionchamber.com

The Awards will be held on Thursday, May 19, 2022. 

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Award Nominee

Award Categories

Please select one category below. If you would like the nominee to be considered for more than one category, please submit a separate application for each. The Selection Committee reserves the right to re-categorize your application.

Emerging Professional (For Profit or Nonprofit Sector) - The nominee must illustrate that she is making significant progress toward personal and professional growth, has continually accepted additional responsibilities and has made significant contributions to her work environment. Criteria to be evaluated includes upward career mobility, leadership skills and a promising future. The nominee must be in their first profession or transitioned careers and have been there for less than 10 years.

Excellence in Business (For Profit or Nonprofit Sector) - The nominee, who must own at least 50 percent of a business that is at least five years old, will be evaluated on her experience and management of resources to solve problems and survive business and economic cycles. Her use of human and financial resources will be evaluated in relation to overall success of her business.

Excellence in Business Development (For Profit or Nonprofit Sector) - The nominee must demonstrate a proven track record as evidenced by management recognition, company awards and consistently exceeding sales or marketing, fundraising and business development performance goals. The nominee’s overall success and approach will also be evaluated.

Excellence in Management (For Profit or Nonprofit Sector) - The nominee must demonstrate steady growth and continued development of management and leadership skills. Criteria to be evaluated include the nominee’s initiative and willingness to take risks, her ability to implement creative solutions to overcome challenges and her ability to seize opportunities created for herself or her employees. 

Excellence in the Professions (For Profit or Nonprofit Sector) - The nominee may be an employee of an existing for-profit or non-profit organization or company or a self-employed professional. She must demonstrate leadership and a willingness to teach and mentor others in her profession and consistently uphold the standards and ethics that govern her field. A professional license is not required for this category.

Distinguished Career (For Profit or Nonprofit Sector) - The nominee must have at least 25 years of experience and demonstrate a lifetime of exemplary contribution to her field and the community.  Willingness to teach and mentor others in her profession and consistently uphold the standards and ethics that govern her field.

Nomination Guidelines

Your response to each of the questions listed below is limited to 500 words. (Please note: The Selection Committee will only consider the first 500 words of each response if the word count is exceeded). We highly recommend that the nominator contact the nominee to gain accurate and comprehensive information relevant to the award category.

1.    Describe the nominee’s career progression relating to the award description.

2.    Describe the nominee’s most important professional accomplishment relating to the award description.  

3.    What has been the nominee’s greatest challenge and how was that challenge overcome?

4.    Describe the nominee’s community involvement and volunteer participation.

5.    What makes this nominee uniquely deserving of a Women of Excellence Award?

6.    Required for “Excellence in Business” category only – please provide proof of ownership and the year the company was established.  

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Nominator Information

Two letters of recommendation are required to support the nomination. Unfortunately, we are unable to consider any additional letters submitted. Please upload each letter separately below. 

The Selection Committee (made up of past recipients) bases its decision on the information provided in the application. We encourage you to provide complete answers and detailed information.  

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Please upload the second letter of recommendation below. 

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If you are nominating someone for an award, please fill out the contact information below: