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Nonprofit Social Services Other Healthcare Executive/Senior Management Administrative, Support & Clerical

Job Description At A Glance

Position:    Assistant Director

Schedule:    Full-Time (35 hours a week) or Part-Time (24 hours a week) **schedule can be discussed**

        Typical Schedule:

Mondays: 9A-4P

Tuesdays: 9A-4P

Wednesdays: 9A-4P

        Thursdays: 9A-4P

        Fridays: 9A-4P

On-Call Days: Fridays, with Wednesdays & Weekends Rotating

Position Summary:  The Assistant Director is responsible for coordinating the volunteer schedule, training/recruitment of volunteers, and fundraising as needed for the operation of the Schenectady Community Home, Inc. The Assistant Director will hold the primary responsibility for community outreach, volunteer management, and will also serve as the Executive Director’s assistant. The Assistant Director will oversee operations of the Home in collaboration with the Executive Director and Board of Directors. 

What We Expect from You: As an Assistant Director, your job encompasses community outreach, volunteer recruitment, training, and scheduling, as well as providing resident/family care and services.  You will be expected to complete the following activities: 

- Head community outreach programs and opportunities to recruit for JNPH and bring awareness to the JNPH mission

- Head volunteer recruitment for the support of JNPH and its residents

- Create and maintain volunteer schedule/database, including staff needs and staff on-call schedule 

- Provide fundraising support in conjunction with ED & Board of Directors; Head external fundraising and yearly garage sale

- Provide networking support and build relationships with new board members, donors, and partnership connections

- Attend monthly board meetings and act as a secretary during meetings

- Plan/implement program developments with ED and Board of Directors

- Supervise volunteers and staff while in the JNPH Home

- Provide volunteer screening/orientation/training as needed

- Maintain resident/family/Hospice/volunteer communication

- Provide rotating on-call support for residents & volunteers

- Provide bedside care to residents when needed

- Provide continued educational and emotional support for volunteers/residents/families

- Maintain resident/family relationships with Home

- Act as an Assistant to the ED, perform and assist with tasks as requested

We expect our Assistant Director to be mission-focused and align well with the ever-changing needs of our non-profit.  As an AD, we expect compassion, willingness, and understanding to be at the forefront of your mind while at JNPH.  And of course, we expect our staff members to professional, willing to work with others, and eager to support our mission.


- 2+ Years Nursing or Caregiving credential (preferred) 

- 2+ Years End of Life Care/Hospice/Palliative/Geriatric experience (preferred) 

- 2+ Years Health or human services experience

- 2+ Years Education & Training experience 

- Relevant experience including but not limited to program development, computer skills, public speaking, community support & fundraising 

- This position is perfect for new or retired nurses/caregivers/social workers!

Salary:  Pay is salaried and is based on level of experience and level of commitment, starting at $32,000 per year.

What You Can Expect From Us: The Joan Nicole Prince Home is an amazing place to work! Each day you get to work in a home environment surrounded by wonderful and compassionate community volunteers.  At JNPH your day-to-day activities might change (you are never stuck at a desk!) but the feeling of success, content, community, and fulfillment never changes! There are so many opportunities to try new things, make a difference in the community, and change the lives of those most in need at the end of life.

The Joan Nicole Prince Home is a 501(c)(3) non-profit run 100% on donations and grants from the community- we are currently able to provide medical benefits, as well as generous time off, a welcoming, friendly work environment & flexibility in your schedule! 

Our Mission: To provide a safe, comfortable and caring residence for terminally ill people in need of a home during their final days.

The Joan Nicole Prince Home is a 2-bed non-profit comfort home that cares for terminally ill individuals at the end of life, free of charge! Our residents are individuals with the greatest need and fewest options at the end of life- our Home provides the comforts of Home, with a spacious backyard, individual bedrooms/bathrooms, living room, full kitchen, and open visiting hours. It is at our Home that residents get to live their final days comforted by family, loved ones, and kind volunteers in a home-like environment. To date, we have served over 225 individuals of all races, ethnicity, and religions, and expect to serve between 15-20 annually. As a registered 501 (c)(3), our Home is run solely on donations, and grants. Resident care is provided Monday- Sunday 7A-11P by trained volunteers & staff, with subcontractors covering overnight hours. 

More information on our Home: 

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