Assistant Superintendent


The assistant superintendent contributes to client satisfaction and company profitability by supervising a building project under the direction of the superintendent to ensure it is completed safely, on schedule, and meets the quality expectations of the customer.

Key Responsibilities


  • Share responsibility with the Superintendent for the safety of the job site, ensure that all subcontractors are adhering to safety procedures and using protective equipment when necessary and appropriate. Follow and see that others follow all OSHA regulations and Christa requirements. Utilize the safety violation charity program when necessary
  • Visually inspect materials for damage and specifications as well as work being done; requires rework when necessary if work does not meet specification or is not of good quality
  • Track and follow up with subcontractor’s weekly toolbox talks
  • Works toward completing OSHA 30
  • Handles and uses power tools safely
  • Assists Superintendent with framing spot checks


  • Assist Superintendent with generation of project punch lists
  • Able to coordinate and track material deliveries from multiple vendors


  • Assist the Superintendent in managing the schedule on a daily basis to ensure it is maintained and the project moves along as scheduled; ensure materials, labor, equipment, and job sites are ready when needed and contact vendors and subcontractors to insure on time delivery of goods and services. Relay potential problems to the Superintendent early on
  • Review the master schedule with the Superintendent, highlight changes or potential problems. Take direction from the Superintendent to communicate the schedule to subcontractors.
  • Able to create and track the 3-Week Schedule


  • Review specific drawings, specifications and submittals assigned by the Superintendent. Communicates changes or questions to the Superintendent
  • Maintain motivation of subcontractors and is aware of issues that may affect their support on the project and report them to the Superintendent
  • Attend weekly meetings with the Foreman of each trade to review safety, quality, schedule, delivery and clean up issues
  • Provide timely and clear communication to subcontractors that expedite decision-making and helps job flow, including verbal and written communications
  • Assists Superintendent with daily reports as directed

Close Out

  • Ensure all close-out requirements are completed or will be completed prior to leaving a project site
  • Follow through on the punch-list program established by the Superintendent and consolidate completed lists for the project close out package

Core Competencies/Skill Sets

Autonomy and Accountability

  • Objectives and how the objectives are achieved will be defined either by the direct supervisor or by explicit procedures and rules. Situations not covered by rules or procedures are referred to a supervisor.  All assignments, including the performance of tasks or activities, are reviewed by a supervisor in detail with the employee.

Technology / Skills

Type of Technology, Equipment, Tool

Software Skill Level

Microsoft Word


Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Outlook


Measures of Performance

  • Number of preventable accidents/injuries
  • Work, material, products, and the job site are ready, complete and/or available when needed as assigned by the project manager
  • Measured by the schedule and the observation of the project manager
  • Work completed and materials used are of good quality and observed by the project manager and others
  • Communication is timely and clear as evidenced by the lack of misunderstandings, delays, or poor work due to untimely communication
  • Owners and architects’ expectations are met or exceeded through feedback obtained verbally or via survey
  • Safety Inspections

Reports To

  • Superintendent

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