DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: This position is responsible for overseeing the enforcement of specific code or standard, such as the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Property Code as well as any other given laws. In addition, an employee in this position performs field and office work in connection with the enforcement of a specific code or standard for which he/she has been assigned primary responsibility. The work is performed under the direction of the Building Inspector or the Assistant Building Inspector. Supervision is exercised over other personnel assigned to this work. Performs related work as required.


•Assists in planning may supervise all activities in connection with the enforcement of aspecific code or standard assigned to his/her jurisdiction;

•Prepares required forms, notices and correspondence relating to his assignment;

•Prepares reports and utilizes code enforcement application software as required;

•May be required to act as a technical advisor to boards or commissions established underthe code or standard which he/she enforces;

•Assists property owners in the preparation of appeals for review by the aforesaid boards orcommissions;

•May schedule hearings and prepares agencies for review by the aforesaid boards orcommissions

•Inspects buildings under repair or in the process of construction in order to ascertaincompliance with all state and local code, including timber, structural steel and footings;

•Ascertains compliance of new construction and alterations with laws relating to buildings,zoning and fire prevention, including the Multiple Residence Law;

•Inspects existing buildings and structure, including multiple dwellings, places of assemblyand commercial buildings and notes general condition and safety for continued use;

•Investigates violations and complaints dealing with building codes, housing standards,zoning ordinance, fire prevention codes and Multiple Residence Law;

•Reports violations and works with other departments on matters of mutual interest;

•Reviews plans and specifications submitted in connection with building construction andrepair and issues building permits;

•Supervises and assists other assigned personnel in the inspection of major structures suchas schools, hospitals, churches, etc., as directed;

•Performs a variety of related duties as required.

FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Good knowledge of the modern tools, materials, procedures and terminology used in building construction and repair; good knowledge of local building and zoning laws and the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Multiple Residence Law; ability to read and interpret building plans, sketches and blueprints; ability to meet and cooperate with the public, administrative ability, ability to supervise the work of others; ability to keep records and make reports.

Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma and three years of experience in building construction or code enforcement and zoning activities, two years of which shall have involved the review and interpretation of plans, sketches and blueprints.

Must possess a valid New York State Driver’s license and must maintain such license throughout duration of employment.

Possession of a Code Enforcement Official certificate issued by the State of New York and must maintain such certification throughout duration of employment.

To apply email:
Anthony Tozzi

CSC 11/13/84

CSC 1/14/97

CSC 05/18/04

CSC 04/18/2017

CSC 08/15/17

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