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Sustainable Energy Systems designs and manufactures Solar Sal boats. From the early 2000s through its official naming in 2014 to today, the Solar Sal Project demonstrates practical solar electric marine propulsion. Solar cars and airplanes are not not practical. Our boats for cargo, tour vessel, or cabin cruisers use free energy! The Solar Sal 45 Cruiser is on the drawing boards and will be the first yacht-style vessel built to the Solar Sal design. The Solar Sal 44 is the first-ever USCG-inspected Solar-Electric passenger vessel in the United States. Hull #1 of this design is at the Hudson River Maritime Museum in Kingston, NY. Designed by Naval Architect Dave Gerr, NYC. The Solar Sal 44 Cruiser is an adaptation of the above design for yacht use, by Dave Gerr, NYC. The Solar Sal 40 delivered the first cargo in the history of the Erie Canal that was transported without the use of fossil fuels (or mules!) in 2015, and is capable of carrying a 12 ton payload (cargo, passengers, or yacht furnishings). The Solar Sal 38 Cruiser is a design by Sam Devlin, Olympia, WA The Solar Sal 27, built by Devlin Boat in Olympia, WA, is brand new, and delivers a highly efficient solar boat in a classic design, with Northwest functionality and impeccable construction. The Solar Sal 25 is the boat that started it all, designed to carry a 3 ton payload on an upstate New York lake to vacation homes which were not served by roads easily accessed by delivery trucks.

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